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5 Hardest Things About Being a Truck Driver

Did you know that trucks move roughly 70% of the country’s freight when measured by weight? Many people would expect that trains do all the grunt work and that trucks are just used for local shipments, but it’s actually truckers that are responsible for most of our freight economy. We thank them for this. They have to endure a very grueling job. Let’s recognize the most difficult aspects of being a truck driver in the United States.

  1. Long Hours
    It’s the norm for long-haul truckers to face several hundred mile drives overnight. This is exhausting work, especially since it requires total attentiveness to the road. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion aren’t uncommon. 
  2. Danger
    Truck accidents happen far too frequently. Our public roads are just able to accommodate vehicles of this size. This already stacks the odds against truck drivers. Add to this the propensity for tiring drives and the usual dangers of driving and you have a recipe for disaster. There’s little doubt truck drivers are brave for taking on this burden. 
  3. Roadside Assistance
    Waiting for a towing company is never fun. Whether it was a major accident, a minor slide into a ditch, or a run of the mill break down, truckers waiting for a tow are never having fun. 
  4. Stress
    The stress of driving while exhausted is one thing. It’s quite another to have a time sensitive assignment. Our nation runs on time-sensitive materials. We count on truck drivers to deliver the overwhelming majority of these packages. You might understand how stressful a deadline can be, but truckers have to do that every day. 
  5. Truck and Trailer Repair
    Finally, truckers need to deal with breakdowns. While the delivery company that owns the vehicle will pay for truck and trailer repairs, the driver is set back a long time without having their vehicle. This could lead to ever perpetuating stress cycles. 

Perhaps trucking isn’t the most stressful job on the market, but it certainly is up there. That’s why we’re grateful for the work they do. We aim to serve and accommodate truckers and all drivers by providing 24/7 towing services with a smile. It’s the least we can do.