Truck Driver Health Solutions

5 Things Each Truck Driver Should Do To Improve Their Health

Your job of a truck driver revolves around driving all day in tight, cramped spaces and being exposed to all manner of health hazards like fumes, fatigue, obesity, etc. All of these hazards can easily put you at risk of developing all sorts of illnesses ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure and depression. However, […]

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trailer repair

5 Common Roadside Incidents and How to Handle Them

Getting stuck on the side of the road is a rough deal whether you’re commuting to work or you’re on a long-haul trucking stint. There are many things that can, and do, go wrong every day. Here are some of the most common incidents that happen to weary travelers out on the highway and how […]

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truck and trailer repair

5 Hardest Things About Being a Truck Driver

Did you know that trucks move roughly 70% of the country’s freight when measured by weight? Many people would expect that trains do all the grunt work and that trucks are just used for local shipments, but it’s actually truckers that are responsible for most of our freight economy. We thank them for this. They […]

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24/7 towing services

5 Non-Accident Related Reasons You Might Need a Tow

While there are roughly 6 million car accidents per year in the United States, they are not the only reason you might need 24/7 towing services. Any good towing company will provide car recovery services in the event of an accident that caused a car to go off-road, but roadside assistance means more than just […]

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emergency trailer repair

The Dangers Truckers Face and The Services They Depend On

Driving is dangerous. This much we know. Cars are little more than two-ton metal objects supported by rubber and springs and powered by a series of small explosions. They are also driven by people, and unfortunately people are extremely prone to error. Thankfully, there are towing and recovery services that can assist drivers in the […]

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recovery services

4 Extreme Driving Conditions and How To Handle Them

Over the past five years, harsh weather has caused an increase in demand for car towing services. Driving can be dangerous at the best of times, but in extreme weather, it can be downright deadly. If you regularly drive in the snow, ice, rain, fog, or even in strong winds, your control over your automobile […]

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Service Manager Needed

For over 50 years, Jerry’s Towing has been western Wisconsin’s premier towing and recovery operator. Founded on the idea of serving and helping people, we’ve earned a reputation for our service, responsiveness, and capabilities. Currently, we are seeking a highly-motivated individual to join our team as Service Manager. The responsibilities of this position will include […]

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Light Duty & Heavy Duty Tow Drivers Needed!

Ready to Start? We are busy and looking for a few good people. Check out our ad below and apply or visit our website to complete our application¬†   LIGHT DUTY/ HEAVY DUTY TOW DRIVERS NEEDED! For over 50 years, Jerry’s Towing has been western Wisconsin’s premier towing and recovery operator. Founded on the […]

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hauling services

3 Factors You Must Consider When Choosing A Towing Company

When choosing an automotive towing company, you need to consider many different factors. The problem is, those in need of a tow don’t really have time to consider the intricacies of different companies. Making the call for roadside assistance is never fun, but if you’re armed with the right tools, you’ll be safe and back […]

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