Special towing requests? No problem.

At Jerry’s, no request is unreasonable. We have the skills, equipment, and people needed to meet just about any of your towing or hauling needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a call: we’ll happily discuss your situation and requirements. Chances are we’ll be able to assist.

Long Haul Transport And Towing

Whether one of your tractor trailers is in an accident and you need a truck or you just have a tight schedule and not enough manpower, Jerry’s Towing can pick up the slack. With a full fleet of vehicles and equipment and operators with decades of experience, we have what you need to get your loads to their destination quickly and safely.

Private Property And Lot Monitoring

If a non-resident vehicle has been sitting in your apartment complex a little too long, unauthorized cars are parked in your retail space or you need to remove vehicles to plow in a snow emergency, call Jerry’s Towing. As your private property and lot monitoring partner, we’ll safely tow automobiles that need to be moved, keeping your lot clear for the people who really need to be there: your residents, customers, and guests.


Jerry’s Towing is your reliable towing contractor offering full repossession services. We serve banks and financial institutions in the process of reacquiring delinquent property or vehicles.

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