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The Dangers Truckers Face and The Services They Depend On

Driving is dangerous. This much we know. Cars are little more than two-ton metal objects supported by rubber and springs and powered by a series of small explosions. They are also driven by people, and unfortunately people are extremely prone to error. Thankfully, there are towing and recovery services that can assist drivers in the event of an accident. What happens, though, when semi trucks get into an accident? 

The Risks of Truck Driving
One of the most common accidents experienced by truckers is called a jack-knife. This type of accident occurs when the trailer and the truck cab itself come into contact with each other at a 45-degree angle (like a pocket knife folding shut). Typically, this happens in slippery road conditions. If the truck’s wheels lock during a skid, the trailer will continue moving due to inertia. Whichever way the driver turns the wheels to correct the slide, the trailer shifts its inertia forward andsideways until it meets the truck at the fated 45 degrees. These accidents can sometimes even cause the entire rig to flip onto its side. 

This is only one type of risk that truckers take on the job. Sleep deprivation is another rampant issue in the trucking industry, where drivers face pressure to continue driving even if they are in no condition to do so. While a lot of progress has been made to address this problem in recent years, accidents still happen due to lack of sleep. Even under ideal conditions, truckers have a tough job, but America as we know it couldn’t run without them.

As such, it’s important that truckers can depend on emergency roadside services to have their back. This is exactly why having the option for emergency trailer repair is crucial when choosing which towing company to call. The ability to get towed to a garage that can work on your vehicle right then and there could save you countless hours of stress. Even better, some towing companies can even offer roadside emergency truck and trailer repair services. This can drastically minimize downtime. The support you need, when you need it, is very important indeed. 

What Is Full Service Towing?
Virtually every driver is very familiar with roadside assistance nightmares, and as such, we are empathetic toward stranded drivers. Whether you are a trucker that’s been in a serious accident, an unlucky person with a flat tire, or someone who skidded off the road due to poor weather conditions, a 24/7 towing company that can provide emergency trailer repair and car recovery services is the best choice for those frustrating times.